Empowering Nigeria’s Democracy: A Spotlight on Sokoto

Democracy in Nigeria has come a long way, but it hasn’t been an easy journey. The Nigerian people have faced numerous obstacles on their road to democracy, including corruption, electoral fraud, and even violence. But despite these challenges, they’ve never lost hope. In fact, they’ve found new and innovative ways to take control of their democracy.

What started out as a normal day during the governorship elections in Sokoto state, turned challenging quickly as residents encountered violence and disruptions caused by political thugs and extremists. Despite these challenges, many who had come out to vote remained unfazed and were determined to exercise their civil rights and participate in the election.
Their perseverance paid off when the military intervened, taking action to apprehend those responsible for disrupting the electoral process. This incident exemplifies the unwavering spirit of Nigerians in their fight for democracy.

Ballot box snatcher arrested at Sarkin Malamai 007 polling unit, Siriddawa, Sokoto City. From: Garka Malam Mai Shehi I, Sokoto, Nigeria

Meanwhile the images uploaded onto our portal as these events unfolded – caught the attention of some individuals online who shared their thoughts on our portal and the incidents that took place in Sokoto.

Retna’s Elections Portal not only enabled real-time documentation but also had a profound emotional impact on Nigerians, empowering citizens to participate in the democratic process and fostering a sense of ownership over their democracy. The platform is so far proving to be instrumental in the fight for democracy, as evidenced in Sokoto, where it empowered citizens to share their experiences during the elections, giving them a voice in their political processes while preventing the spread of false narratives by malicious actors.

This novel approach is promoting a more inclusive and representative government that holds leaders accountable to the people they serve and is driving change across Nigeria. We look forward to the platform’s continued success in the fight for democracy, advancing progress and amplifying the voices of Nigerians.

Women lining up to vote at Sarkin Malamai 007 polling unit, Siriddawa, Sokoto City. From: Magajin Gari A., Sokoto, Nigeria

Retna is dedicated to partnering with Nigerians on their journey towards democracy. Beyond Nigeria, Retna is committed to supporting Africans throughout West Africa who are fighting for their democratic ideals, empowering them to shape their destinies and futures.

Although the road to democracy in Nigeria may be challenging, Nigerians are determined to fight for their democratic ideals. Retna’s election portal will continue to be a vital tool in this fight, enabling citizens to participate in the political process and drive progress towards a more inclusive and representative government.


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