Get to know Omu Resort (with Amazing Photos)

Omu Resort is a premier destination nestled in the heart of Nigeria, offering a unique blend of conservation, education, and entertainment. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts, families, and adventure seekers, providing a perfect getaway where the wonders of wildlife and the thrill of recreational activities come together.

Where is Omu Resort?

Omu Resort is conveniently located at multiple locations, including Abeokuta, Asaba, and Lagos, making it easily accessible to residents and travelers seeking a memorable experience within Nigeria.

Attractions at the Resort

At Omu Resort, visitors can explore a myriad of attractions, from wildlife exhibits and conservation efforts to exciting educational programs. The resort boasts a diverse range of activities, including animal encounters, nature trails, and interactive learning experiences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

These attractions include:

  • Zoo
  • Tide’s Wet and Wild
  • Amusement Park
  • Go Karting
  • DDT Paintball Arena
  • Seaworld
  • Archery
  • Mini Golf
  • Horse Riding
  • Wax Museum
  • The Blades
  • Kiddies Play
  • Wave Pool
  • Antique Museum
  • Kayaking/Boating
  • Quad Biking
  • David’s Sanctuary

Can you bring your own food?

Yes, visitors are welcome to bring their own food to Omu Resort. Whether you prefer a picnic under the shade of lush trees or a family barbecue, the resort provides ample spaces for you to enjoy your own culinary delights amidst nature’s beauty. However, Food can be bought at the different food courts provided by the resort. These include Abule Buka, Chateau De Delice and Mama’s Delight.

Beautiful pictures of Omu Resort

Giraffe at Omu Resort
2 women and a giraffe
Lion at Omu Resort
Roller Coaster at Omu Resort
Swimming Pool at Omu Resort
Swimming pool slides
Zebra at Omu Resort
Woman with an Ostrich
Woman posing with a dinosaur
Woman posing with a statue
Woman posing with a butterfly drawing

Omu Resort Gate Fee and Prices

Omu Resort in Nigeria offers varying gate fees structured into different pricing plans, each providing access to specific activities. The plans differ in the range of activities they allow. Generally, the higher the gate fee paid, the broader the access to activities within the resort.

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