Retna Photographers’ Favourite Cameras

Do you ever wonder what kind of camera your favourite photographers on Retna use to capture those stunning images that take your breath away? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve talked to four of our top photographers about their favorite cameras and why they simply can’t live without them. Let’s get into it.

Nikon D850

“Nikon D850 is my all-time favorite camera. With a 45.7 megapixel sensor, it’s a beast of a camera that produces stunning image quality. Even in difficult shooting settings, I appreciate how simple it is to operate and how pleasant the design is. It consistently produces excellent results that I am proud of” – Nachristos

Canon EOS R

“The Canon EOS R feels really good, It is not heavy to handle and comes with exceptional features. I have a soft spot for it because of its incredible eye-tracking feature. The 30.4 megapixel sensor captures detailed and dynamic range of pictures” – Omavisuals

iPhone 11

“I own an iPhone 11 that allows me to take distinct pictures and an Instax Mini 9 green Camera. For me, nothing beats my Instax Mini 9 camera. It serves a huge purpose when snapping selfies and filming memories with friends and loved ones. I love the cute design and how it feels in my hands” – Rara


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