50+ Product Mockups you Should Check Out

The introduction of Mockups has made it easier for designers to be able to save time and easily replicate designs. Mockups are frequently used for presentation, instruction, or advertising and might be a model, image, or scenario of a proposed design or product.

In this article, we will be talking about product mockups you can easily download and use for your work. Let’s get started;

Ceramic Candle Jar Mockup

This is a simple yet classic candle jar, with a single wick that you can brand your name on with an engraving effect.

Amber Bottle Pump

This is the perfect mockup to present a packaging or product design on a store’s website. Easy to use and you can change the label, size, color, and background of the pump.

Metallic Cosmetic Tube Mockup

Metallic tubes are preferred for packaging because it is eco-friendly. This Mockup can be customized to the color and lid of the tube.

Cosmetic Jar Mockup

Cosmetic jar mockup to showcase your branding and packaging designs in a realistic manner. It is easy to customize with smart layers.

Hand-holding Cosmetic Bottle Mockup

This mockup contains a hand holding a cream bottle and it can be used for showcase through the smart layers.

Wine Bottle Mockup

This realistic wine bottle Mockup is perfect for restaurant or personal branding.

Blonde Beer Bottle Mockup

This mockup would be a great fit for branding of a beer design for a liquor company. This template can be edited to change the color of the bottle and background.

Beer Cap Mockup

This mockup can be used to showcase your next beer branding project. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the smart layers, hit save and you are done.

Free Linen Drawstring bag Mockup

This linen backpack is easy to customize by changing the background, string, and shadow. The backpack is an isolated graphic so it can be moved easily.

Mini Coffee Cup Mockup

Customization of this mockup has been made easy via smart object layers. Lights, highlights, and shadows make control of elements in this graphic easy.

Smoothie Cup Mockup

This mockup is perfect for branding smoothies for a drink brand. This template is easy to customize too.

Amazing Coffee Cup Mockup

This mockup is great for all your branding and merchandising needs. It features a logo design in a realistic environment.

Backpack Mockup

This mockup features a realistic backpack. This template is easy to customize just by changing the design, colour, and background.

Makeup Bag Mockup

This mockup would be a great fit for beauty brands. The color and design on the makeup bag can be customized to your preferences.

Sardine Fish Can Mockup

This free mockup gives you the freedom to change different parts of the tin and the color of the tin opener. This is a great fit for branding a fish can.

Soda Can Mockup

This mockup is easy for customization with its smart layer effect. This is a great way to showcase your brand or design with some fresh pop effect.

  1. Tin Paint Mockup

 This mockup includes individual layers for a cap, a handle and a rim so you can color these elements separately. Contains a smart layer for your design.

Coffee Pouch Packaging Mockup

This coffee pouch mockup is great for branding packaged dry foods, especially coffee. The customization is easy to adjust to your preferences too.

Rounded Cosmetic Jar Mockup

Highly customizable and very eye-catching free cosmetic jar mockup. Perfect in all situations when you want to showcase your brand, packaging or even logo designs.

Soap Box Mockup

A simple and clear mockup of soap and its box. The mockup is prepared so that you can stick your design on all sides of the box, change the color of the soap and insert your logo.

Flask Water Bottle Mockup

This mockup of a flask water bottle that can be used as an ad or marketing material for a sports brand, fitness brand, or other related businesses. It  is available for personal and commercial use and is fully editable, you can change the color of the lid and water bottle with a changeable background color option.

DVD Case Mockups

This Mockup is fully layered and well organized. It’s a great fit if you need professional mockups for  DVD business promotions.

Candle Label Mockup

This Mockup allows you to showcase your designs on candle label and book cover. The color of the candle , stack of book, branch of tree, and background can also be customized to preferences.

Red Whine Mockup

This mockup is a great way to sell your concept to a liquor brand. It has a high resolution and it is easily edited via smart objects.

Beverage Can Mockup

This mockup which can be used to present your can packaging design for iced tea, soda water, or any beverage. It can be easily edited via the smart object layer; simply double-click on the smart object layer and drop your design; this will replace all the labels.

Hanging Tote Bag Mockups

This realistic high-resolution mockup template will enable your design to stand out in the crowd. In addition, this free tote bag mockup allows placing your design with a changeable color option.

Bottle and Tube Cosmetic Mockup

A very simple and useful mockup of a cosmetic bottle standing next to the cream tube. You can paste your design and match the colors of the pom pom and the tube caps.

Fresh Coffee Cup Mockup

Coffee cup mock-up you can use free to showcase your package design projects in a photorealistic manner. The PSD files are fully editable, allowing you to add your design via the smart objects, and change the background and the color of the lid according to your need.

Kraft Paper Mailing Bag Mockup

The mockup is so prepared that it is very easy to adjust this visualization to your needs. If you need the envelope to be in a different color, just paste a different color to the Smart layer to get it.  

Trash Can Mockup

This mockup of a trash can be modified according to your needs. Change the color, turn the shadow on and off, and paste your design. The mockup is perfect for presenting logos, icons, fonts, and any other unusual applications.

Clear Perfume Bottle Mockup

With this mockup, you can present your branding design and labels for men’s and women’s fragrances with a very professional look. You can customize the design via the smart object layer, and you can also change the color of liquid with just one click.

Sunflower Oil Mockup

This mockup is perfect for branding edible oil. The light shining through the golden oil makes these mockups even better than the real photographs; namely you can feature your designs on the paper label, and customize all other details – from colors to the background.

Product Software Box Mockup

This mockup is ideal for the packaging and branding of product software box. This template allows you to customize it to your preferences.

Wine Wood Box Mockup

This is the perspective version of a wine wood box to showcase your branding design in style. It’s very easy to add your own graphics with the smart layer.

Hand-Holding Beer Mockup

This Hand Holding Beer Mockup can be usedto create a realistic presentation of your beer branding project. All you have to do is place your artwork inside the smart layers, hit save and you are done.

Raw Cloth Bag Mockup

This mockup would be a great fit for the branding of merchandise. The color and design of the makeup bag can be customized to your preferences.

Tea Cup Mockup

This Tea Cup mockup features a teacup with a saucer and silver spoon. You can easily brand the front of the cup by simply dropping your design inside the smart object, you can also use this mockup to present your mini coffee cup branding.

Matches Box Mockup

Matches Box mockup that features two different compositions of two matchboxes. The long vertical matchstick boxes can be personalized via the smart object layers and you can also change the color of the boxes.

Barrier Tape Box Mockup

This mockup will let you design a barrier barricade tape box that can hold a long tape. The design is super neat and to the point to help you guys get done and over with the idea easily. And then of course, you can work on the overall packaging design as per your business’s guidelines as we have kept the file easy to edit and without smart objects and organized layers.

Plastic CD Case Mockup

This is a new CD case mockup. All layers are separated so you can set your own solid color background as well.

Vinyl Record Mockup

Those who buy vinyl records always appreciate a great design. So this mockup is a great option to make your idea look great. The neutral background allows you to focus on the project and it’s also easy to customize to your preferences.

Spa Cosmetic Mockup

Create a photo-realistic product packaging design using this Spa Cosmetic Mockup. Apply your branding, logo, or label design in a few clicks to this mockup, and your presentation is ready to rock. The sample includes all types of bottles you might need.

Amber Medical Bottle Mockup

 This Amber medical bottle mockup presents your line of medicine in a realistic rendering that almost matches real life.

Splash Paper Cup Coffee

The coffee cup mockup itself has a simple minimalist shape and can serve well for presenting your original designs to the customers. The high resolution makes it perfect both for printing and use on the web. Download this mockup here

Paper Drink Cup Mockup

 This Paper Cold Drink Cup Mockup can be used for your respective branding or used as an inspiration for creating your branding. This mockup is easy to download and very easy to customize. All layers have smart objects and you can resize all the elements.

Candle Box Mockup

Create a professional photo-realistic presentation of a candle package, logo design, or label design using this Candle Set Mockup. Via smart objects, you can easily customize and change any mockup element, like colors in order to make it fit your design presentation needs.

Big Handbag Mockup

This big handbag mockup  can be edited to display your own design. You can do whatever you like with it but I think the white text works best on the black material.

Spray Paint Can Mockup

 The beautiful colors of spray paint make it more eye-catchy for all those who pass by. If you are designing a can design for a spray paint brand, the floating effect and dramatic lighting make this free mockup stand out from the crowd. With smart object layers, you can easily make this free spray paint mockup your own.

Tuna Can Mockup

This free mockup is available in PSD format, just place your design via smart object layers and get a super realistic look of your design. This free tuna tin can mockup comes in a High-resolution file and it is easy to customize.

Glass Wine Bottle Mockup

Free visualization of a wine bottle standing next to the glass and stylish rock. The mockup is prepared so that you can easily paste the design on both labels. This visualization has been prepared to perfectly present the design of the wine label.

Membership Card Magnetic Box Mockup

 This mockup allows you to present your membership card design of the gym, sports club or use it to display credit card design. It has all the creative features that can add a premium look to your design like you can change the color of the magnetic box from inside and outside and you can also customize the design color of the membership card.


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