Get to Know the Types of Photos you can Upload on Retna

Retna is a platform for everyone to gain access to African images, whether you are a photo enthusiast who loves taking random pictures or you are a phone photographer who uses their phone to snap and edit photographs or you are a professional photographer with a camera; Retna is meant for you. 

If you are wondering what type of images are allowed on Retna, this guide will help make things clear.

Types of photographs that can be uploaded

Artistic Photographs

Artistic photographs are images that are created with a purpose beyond simply capturing a moment or scene. They are photographs that are meant to evoke emotions, tell a story, or convey a message through their composition, lighting, colors, and other artistic elements. With the help of

Photo by Faleye Ojuolape on Retna

Street photographs

Street photographs are images that are captured candidly in public places, They are photographs that aim to capture everyday life and the essence of a city or a neighborhood, often focusing on people and their surroundings. Street photography is not about staged or posed images, but rather about capturing the spontaneity and unpredictability of real life. It requires the photographer to be observant and to have a quick reaction time to capture a moment that may only last a few seconds.

In essence, street photography is about capturing the spirit of a place and its people, and about documenting the world as it is. It is a way for photographers to tell stories and share their perspectives on the world around them.

Photo by Babatunde Olajide on Retna

Food photographs

Food photographs are pictures of food that are taken to make it look appetizing and tempting. They are usually taken in a way that emphasizes the colors, textures, and details of the food, making it look mouth-watering and inviting.

Food photography is commonly used in advertising, cookbooks, and social media to showcase a particular dish or food item. The goal is to make the food look so delicious that people want to try it for themselves.

Photo by Aduroja on Retna

Fashion photographs

Fashion photographs are taken with a focus on the clothing and accessories, but also on the models who wear them. The goal is to make the clothing look attractive and appealing to potential buyers or followers, while also conveying a certain mood or emotion through the image. These photographs are often used in magazines, advertisements, and social media to showcase the latest trends in fashion.

Photo by Eze Joshua on Retna

Sports Photography

These photographs capture the action, drama, and excitement of athletic activities, such as football, basketball, soccer, and other competitive sports, which fall under this genre. Overall, sports photographs aim to tell a story about the game, the athletes, and the emotions involved in the competition. They are an important part of sports media and can be found in newspapers, magazines, and online publications, where they are used to engage and inspire audiences.

Photo by Silas Odey on Retna

Nature and Wildlife Photographs

Nature and wildlife photographs are pictures that capture the beauty and wonder of the natural world around us. They showcase the stunning landscapes, majestic animals, and intricate details of plants and insects. These photographs are often taken in natural settings such as forests, deserts, mountains, and oceans, among others.

Nature and wildlife photographers use specialized equipment and techniques to capture these stunning images. They may use telephoto lenses to zoom in on animals from a distance, or macro lenses to capture the intricate details of flowers and insects up close. They also need to be patient and skilled at waiting for the perfect moment to capture the shot.

Photo by JM Creations on Retna

What are the requirements for uploading photos on Retna?

File Size and Format

The maximum file size to upload on Retna is 20MB. There is no minimum dimension that can be uploaded on Retna. There are different file formats that can be uploaded e.g jpg, png, jpeg, or heic.

How to properly tag photos

To properly tag your pictures on Retna, you need to describe the pictures. For instance, you uploaded a picture of a boy. The tags should be what the boy is doing in the image like “a boy standing”. We recommend you read through this guide we wrote on how to properly tag photos.

Guidelines for Uploading Photos

We have a set of guidelines on Retna to ensure the safety of our community. We do not allow porn and violence-related images. Also, each image on Retna has an open license. You’re allowed to use the images you get there for free without any special license.


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